By Abu Dhabi Racing
Published April 25, 2018

Formula 4 Italian Championship - 2018

Amna Al Qubaisi: “Like every driver out there, the goal is to win or at least be on the podium”

Abu Dhabi – UAE champion and Prema Powerteam driver Amna Al Qubaisi, who made her Formula 4 racing debut at Adria in Italy on April 22, is excited about what the future holds for her and is now looking forward to the rest of the season.

Talking about her debut race, Amna admitted that the competition is very tough with drivers of high calibre on a large grid.

However, She credited her team who helped her improve on pace throughout the weekend and also her team-mates, who provided her with useful tips.

Talking about the circuit, Amna revealed that Adria has many slow corners which require hard braking thereby keeping the gaps between drivers very close thus making it hard to overtake and easy to make a mistake and go off track.

This being her debut race, Amna was expecting to be amongst the top 20, so naturally, it was an ‘amazing feeling’ to be on the podium. But the proud moment came when the UAE National anthem was played when Amna stood on the podium. 

Recalling the moment, Amna said: “I felt very proud and happy to hear my National anthem on a circuit that has never before heard the UAE anthem, so that was a big deal for me!”

Talking about the coming rounds, Amna insisted that the goal is to keep learning and gaining experience, but she would nevertheless fight for a win while also observing and analyzing races.

“Like every driver out there, the goal is to win or at least be on the podium and that is what I will continue to strive for.

“At Adria, I had the potential to make it in Race 1 before I spun out at a fast corner, I was well placed in 2nd position at that stage but the experience I gained was really priceless. Nevertheless, the potential is there and I’ll fight it out at every race.”

“I would like to thank Kaspersky Lab, Renoir Consulting, Italia Independent, Garage Italia, Gaudi Jeans, Omeir Travel Agency and Abu Dhabi Racing for the support.”